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Mediation is a dispute resolution process where those involved - the mediator and the parties to a dispute - meet in a confidential, comfortable setting to explore interests important to everyone.

The parties are welcome to bring lawyers to the table. The mediator is a neutral facilitator.

The mediator does not define or make a final decision for the parties, but helps them negotiate a creative outcome that meets the needs of everyone involved. Unlike the court process, where one party wins and the other loses, mediation can offer a result that can meet the interests of all the parties. It also allows for a faster and therefore, inexpensive resolution of a conflict. People who have chosen mediation to resolve their dispute usually find the process to be more efficient and less adversarial than litigation. Ron has mediated a wide range of disputes since he first trained as a mediator in 1985, including:

  • personal injury
  • family
  • wills, estates and trusts
  • municipal expropriations
  • employment law
  • employer relations
  • church related disputes
  • community association disputes
  • Distance Mediation

    Between 2009 and 2012, Ronald J. Smith, QC was part of a team of mediators who participated in a pilot project under the auspices of the British Columbia Mediator Roster Society. The project was designed to explore ways of providing mediation services to persons in communities who are not able to avail themselves of mediation services because of where they live.

    The services were provided by telephone, WEBEX, or other technology, and the mediator met with the parties together and separately using that technology.

    The services were very well received by the parties, and this technique promises to be a valuable asset to persons who are not otherwise able to access mediators. As a result, Ron is offering distance mediation services for interested parties.