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Mediation is a dispute resolution process where those involved - the mediator and the parties to a dispute - meet in a confidential, comfortable setting to explore interests important to everyone.
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Distance Mediation

Mediation services provided by telephone, WEBEX, or other technology, with the mediator meeting with parties together and separately using that technology.
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Arbitration allows parties to hire their own "judge" and set their own rules for prompt, confidential resolution of their dispute. In the arbitration process, just as in the mediation process, the arbitrator is unbiased and works with the parties to resolve their conflict. However, in an arbitration, the arbitrator acts like a judge, listening to the evidence of the parties and rendering a fair award that is binding on the parties at the conclusion of the arbitration.

The arbitration process is private; it can be less formal than the court process, as the rules of the arbitration can be negotiated by the parties with the assistance of the arbitrator. By contrast, the court is a public forum and the parties must follow the Rules of Court. Most arbitrations involve lawyers acting for both parties. They assist their clients to negotiate the rules of the arbitration and present evidence at the hearing. Ron has arbitrated a wide range of disputes including:
  • personal injury disputes
  • construction disputes
  • estate matters
  • family matters
  • disputes under the Condominium Act

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law is an exciting new concept of family law practice, designed to offer participants a humane, wholistic approach to divorce. Lawyers throughout BC have joined together to provide this alternative to the traditional court process.
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Views of the Child Report

A court must give paramount consideration to the best interests of the child and, in assessing those interests, must consider, if appropriate, the views of the child. Smith Peacock Lawyers offers Views of the Child Report services for children of volatile divorce situations. We meet with the child and determine their wishes in regards to issues such as preferred primary residence, preferred school, access and visitation, and any other issues the parent's would like addressed. A report is then generated and presented to the court.

Tasks Limited Services

Do you feel you cannot afford a lawyer to take you through the whole separation and divorce process from initiating a claim to judgment, but you need assistance with a limited aspect of your claim? In certain circumstances we would be happy to provide you with a defined limited service at a fixed price. That might include such activities as providing initial advice only, drafting documents such as court documents or separation agreements or marriage agreements only, or preparing you for court. Our services would be limited to the defined activity and the fees would depend on the complexity of the requirements of the activity and can often be accurately estimated in advance.

Typical Fees

Service Charge Retainer
  • $1,400 for a 4 hour mediation
  • $350 an hour for time spent after that
  • $800 per person (required prior to mediation)
  • $400 per hour – includes preparation, sitting time, and preparing the award.
  • Dependant on the estimate of the length of the arbitration
Views of the Child Report
  • $500 per child - includes preparation, meeting with the child and reporting back to the court
Limited Service Engagements
  • We typically charge $375 per hour
  • Fees depend on the activity that we are hired to perform

All accounts and disbursements incurred on behalf of the client are subject to HST.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer is a deposit of money by the client into the firm’s trust account as security for our fees. The money remains the property of the client until an account is issued, at which time the funds are transfered from our trust account to our own account as payment of our fees.

In the event that we complete the tasks required in less time than estimated or the client changes his\her mind about hiring us, we bill the client for the time expended and refund the balance of the money to the client. If more work is required than anticipated there would be money owing by the client after we apply the retainer to our account.

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