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Mediator Roster Society Distance Mediation Phase 3 Project Wraps Up June 30, 2012
For the last2 yearsa team of experienced mediators, under sponsorship of the Law Foundation of BC, have been providing mediation services in situations where mediation services would not otherwise be available. The existing information would indicate that this is the first time that family mediation has been offered in North America in this format. There will be a report prepared when the project is finished, but initial indications are that participants were pleased with services and were comfortable mediating over the phone or utilizing WEBEX.

Mediation by means of computer or other technology is not new, most eBay disputes are handled this way. Commerical mediators have been doing this for years. What is new is the application to family law.

BC Hear the Child Society is Now Incorporated
BC Hear the Child Society is now incorporated. The society's purpose is to develop a roster of persons who can interview children in high conflict custody cases in order to bring the voice of the child to the court. The society is in the process of developing standards for interview and a roster of qualified individuals.

The society has created a website and a roster of Interviewers to be found at

Ronald J. Smith, QC is a member of the founding board of the BC Hear the Child Society.